About Us

About Us

Tentang Kami Haha

Who We Are

The company created by two diploma students, at year 2012, we run a part time computer services on-site, our goal where we come to customer premises and complete within same time and day. During test run, we come many obstacles, such as reformatting takes time, reinstall software and more! Overtime, we invented Cure Format, which solve our problem about reformat, can be done less than 30 minute! On that day, we keep improving to make computer software run better, less crashes and more secure! Computer service and maintenance now become more prolong life time, we never use cheap replace such as thermal paste. We come across many type of computer including computer from 1988, upgrading old computer, maintaining software compatibility, Flight Simulator system and many more! We also created useful software such as Media Converter, JPEG Compressor and A.I. Image Up-scaling to make our customer life easier to work with.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Maximise your computer potential!

Our Mission

To reinvent way we make computers, simplified, faster and secure

Our Values

We committed change the way people think and use of computer, learn and show the true use of technology

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